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Anti-theft system in overhead networks distribution

Distribution Boxes

Distribution Boxes incorporate busbars with unique and patented spring-action contacts. Installed where multiple tapping on low voltage distribution network is required, the boxes are assembled on the pole using metal straps or bolts and are easily fed from secondary line.


  • Distribution Boxes minimize unauthorised consumer access at the connection point
  • The boxes give a well-organised appearance to the connection point and improve service quality
  • Enhances organisation and provide the ability to balance taps from the branch connections when using coaxial or anti-theft cables
  • Simplifies wire connections for improved reliability, hot points are eliminated and energy losses are minimised
  • The modular system allows Distribution Boxes to be equipped with the correct number and type of busbars for each individual application


  • Distribution Networks (ABC or similar)
  • Taps using insulated or anti-theft cables
  • Areas with high level of energy loss
  • Street lighting connections

Distribution box with Insulated Busbars

Enclosure is made up of fire retardant, UV and weather resistant Polycarbonate material and Busbar housing made of polyamide with very good insulation level


EThe utilitarian advantage of Raychem's Distribution Box becomes active only with the highly specialized set of busbars. Designed with utmost precision to facilitate easy installation and management of critical wires with maximum safety from a supply point to a number of output circuits. Fitted neatly in the distribution box, these busbars with contact action points are the best answer to questions related to power thefts and efficiency and power supply in highly populated areas.


  • Metallic insert is made of stainless steel, to avoid corrosion
  • Reinforced supports and hinges
  • Two-positions cap holder for keeping the box opened on installation process