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Anti-theft tamper proof meter units

Meter Unit with ‘NRP' technology offered by Raychem RPG has an innovative solution to encompass energy meter, to prevent tampering on low voltage distribution networks and the non-reversible plug-in type LT connector, to make it completely theft free and tamper proof.
Raychem RPG's Meter Unit is 100% transparent from all sides and made of flame retardant V0 grade polycarbonate with high durability and weathering resistance solution.
This Meter Unit comes with non-reversible, anti-theft locking system. A box once closed & sealed cannot be opened without breaking it, thereby making it safe and secure.

Key Features

  • Tamper proof during Transportation & Installation
  • None of the tamper- sensitive parts are left unprotected
  • Permanent irreversible locking system
  • Compatible to all makes of energy meters
  • Flame retardant & weather resistant
  • Easy installation