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Raychem Cable Joints Kits

Insulation Enhancement System

Insulation enhancement systems for substations and overhead lines.Designed to prevent unplanned outages due to accidental bridging and to help upgrade insulation levels at critical points in systems.
We provide a wide range of LV, MV, and HV products to the world's electrical utilities, OEM's, industrial customers and railways. Asset protection solutions help our customers to improve system reliability and prevent costly damage to equipment caused by accidental interphase or phase to ground bridging. Bridging can occur when birds, animals, vegetation, air-bourne debris and even vandalism comes into contact with bare electrical systems in substations, overhead lines and all related equipment.
By insulating strategic areas it is possible to eliminate such problems and in areas of growing environmental awareness, such as the protection of endangered species, our insulation products will allow wildlife to come and go without danger of being electrocuted.

Products Range

  • Busbar Insulation Tubing BBIT/BPTM
  • Busbar Insulation Tapes HVBT
  • Insulating Sheets HVIS
  • Preformed Covers BCIC
  • Squirrel Guards BISG
  • Bird Protection Caps BCIC
  • Creepage Extenders HVCE
  • Medium Voltage Line Cover MVLC