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Low Loss Wedge Connectors

Raychem Wedge Utility Connectors are designed around an engineering principle which we call ‘Wedge Pressure Technology'.
Wedge Pressure Technology has formed the basis for a complete family of connectors that outperforms other convectional connector technologies, resulting in ‘lowest life cycle cost'. Wedge Connectors (Boltless Connectors) overcome the physical and electrical limitations of traditional compression or bolted connectors; resulting in low technical losses and efficient, consistent current flow.
The Wedge Connectors provide the most cost effective solutions to a wide range of power connections and grounding challenges.

How AMPACT wedge connectors reduce power losses?

Conventional Connector : On a microscopic level, conductor-to-connector surfaces are not smooth, but consist of a series of hills and valleys. When two surfaces are brought together, they only make contact where hills meet hills. Hence, electrical contact is much smaller than what it may seem (< 1 %) resulting in resistance forces within the connector.
In conventional connectors presence of grease, impurities, and oxides causes corrosion / oxidation of contact surfaces resulting in further generation of resistances within the connector.
These resistances raise the average operating temperature of conductor lines that exceed the conductor's designed operating range reducing the connector life cycle and causing energy losses.
Ampact Wedge Connector: Ampact Wedge Connector technology is the key to higher efficiency and more reliable power connections that address the above demerits of conventional connectors.
The inherent abrasiveness of Ampact Wedge Pressure Connectors is designed to maximize the number and dimension of these "electrical contact spots" and therefore minimize electrical resistance within the connector.
The abrasive nature of Ampact Wedge pressure connectors, the scrubbing action created during application, and the residual spring-action of the C-member after installation combine to create optimal contact between the connector and the conductors

Temperature analysis

Key features of Ampact Wedge Connector

  • Designed specially to manage the peak power transmission temperature up to 250 degrees
  • Provides an efficient electrical connection for any type of power conductor combination
  • Withstands severe electrical and mechanical stresses
  • Easy installation without damage to conductors
  • Easy removal of connector without damaging the conductors and is re-usable

Advantages of AMPACT Wedge Connectors

  • AMPACT Fired wedge technology combines the abrading action between the conductor & connector surfaces with an inhibitor with abrasive particles which removes the oxide layers & seals the connection and prevents air from reaching the mated materials.
    • The result is a longer lasting, more reliable electrical connection
    • No conductor preparation required for oxide layer removal
    • Acceptable temperature rise, hence less technical losses
    • More contact surfaces bet conductor & connector
    • No oxidation at connection interfaces
    • Fraction of time needed for installation
  • Elastic property of ‘C-Member of Wedge connector' maintains constant force within the connection for the life of the connector, while compensating for the thermal expansion or "creep"
  • Simple, foolproof method for connector installation. No fatigue for operator for series of installations. Ensured Installation Process with Repeatability & Reliability
  • Wedge locking prevents loosening of connections


  • Line Jumpers
  • Tapping to Equipment
  • Wave Trap Connection
  • Isolator Connections
  • Breaker Connections
  • Current Transformer Connections
  • Potential Transformer Connections
  • Lightning Arrester Connections
  • Bus-to-Bus Jumper Connections
  • Earthing Connections

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  • Universal Distribution
  • Extra Large(EL)
  • Stud Disconnect
  • Deadend Clamp
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  • High Temperature Tap
  • In-Line Disconnect
  • Transverse Wedge Connectors
  • Mini Wedge Connectors