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LV Underground Distribution System


Under Ground Multi Transit System (UGMTS), a patented product of Raychem provides complete solutions for

  • Reliably connecting and switching adjacent section of LV cables
  • Preventing power thefts and pilferages of expensive components
  • Avoiding accidents and right of way issues in narrow and congested lanes
  • Less outages and immediate restoration of faults


  • Low maintenance cost
  • Surface materials are made of corrosion resistant polymers
  • All components except links are factory casted with resin
  • Zero floor space above ground
  • 8 way-Bus Coupler arrangement optional

2 and 4 way MK3 link box

Low voltage underground 2 and 4 way link boxes are used for connecting and switching adjacent sections of low voltage 3 or 4 core cable from 70mm2 to 300mm2. They are supplied complete with a plastic foundation pad, outer enclosure set and concrete filled manhole cover.

Features and benefits

  • Compact modular concept reduces weight and space required for link box positioning, making installation possible in congested areas whilst reducing excavation and reinstatement costs
  • Retained ABS moulded lid replaces the traditional cast iron diving bell lid, which reduces weight and is non-conductive making operation safer
  • Integrated locking facility combined with the lid retaining system and toolbox, with fail safe positioning and operation
  • Clear vacuum-formed body shell allows both easy cable installation and inspection prior to resin fill. Shell designed for crossing 300mm2 cores with sufficient resin coverage
  • Single resin casting eliminates moisture ingress issues that are associated with multiple cast link boxes
  • Reduced number of connections improves electrical performance and product longevity
  • Error-proof factory assembly due to torque and system control software and zero-fault technology