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Operating Rods / Hollowcore Bushings

Operating Rods

Raychem's Operating Rods are hollow or solid insulation parts made of fiber-reinforced epoxy resins with metal connection fittings. They can withstand extreme mechanical and electrical loads and are suitable for integration in high voltage equipments where high insulation strength combined with high mechanical strength and low weight is an asset. Operating Rods are used for voltage levels ranging from 50 kV to 800 kV. They are available in various diameters.

  • Bushings for transformers, walls and dead tank breakers
  • Grading capacitors, chamber and support insulators for life tank breaker
  • Current and voltage transformers in oil and SF6
  • Cable terminations
  • Surge arresters

Hollowcore Bushings

Raychem's range of Hollowcore Bushings is made of glass-fiber reinforced resin tube with silicone rubber housing. The superior material properties are especially adapted for high voltage applications in outdoor service.
Composite insulator technology was first introduced more than 30 years ago. Hollow types have been in service for approximately 20 years. The proven advantages of composites over porcelain are well-known and accepted. The relative importance of the technical and logistic advantages will differ depending on the specific application and service conditions