Electrical Accessories

Raychem Jointing Kits
Raychem RPG has been a pioneer in Thermo-Shrink jointing copper closure system (TSF). TSF jointing kits are designed for the protection of copper joints in a copper cable telecom network. TSF is applicable for the jointing of the cable ranging from 5 pair to 1200 pair and conductor diameter varying 0.4mm to 0.9mm.

TSF can be used in direct buried, aerial and ducted installations. It can be used in in-line as well as branch off splices on polyethlene or lead sheath cable. The TSF uses heat shrink technology for sealing purpose of the joint. The sleeve can be used from the cable diameter ranging between 8mm-160mm.

Switches and Switchgear
1) Switches - Electrical switches that are built on the foundation of safety, durability and stylishness. This range of switches give you ample choices to choose from that are guaranteed to exceed expectations in quality and price.
2) Switchgear - An extremely critical component catering to commercial, residential and industrial sectors. These act as circuit breakers used to control and protect the electrical equipment from overloads or short circuits.
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Lights and Luminaries
Lighting the way forward through a wide range of LED lights manufactured with state of the art technology to maximise brightness and minimise costs. Explore the diversified range of lights spread across the below mentioned categories.

1) Domestico 4) Urbania
2) Industria 5) Gardenia
3) Arenia

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